I am a nomad in my own city. We’ve been in Los Angeles house sitting for a friend and I realized that I have never been in LA and not had my own place to live. I can’t explain how completely surreal it is to be in a place where for so many years I was plugged into a “normal” life.  I  feel like a ghost- a supernatural voyeur looking at life from another dimension- a visitor observing something so familiar with fresh eyes.   It’s an opportunity, really… to have this perspective.

I can best describe it as a return to innocence..  there is an immense joy and vast sense of space in the way I feel… where everything makes sense in a way that is instinctual instead of logical… like watching the waves roll in.

It is an interested time to be untethered and I feel fortunate to be in a place with nothing to lose (except a 10×10 ft storage unit.) The road less travelled means something far more significant to me now then it ever has.  Without the attachments, I am able to witness and really see the truth about modern life. I can’t help but notice the repetition and automation of things…and I feel the significance  of the term “rat race.”

Busy people rushing through the assembly line of productivity- it is like this magnificent orchestration.. really beautiful in some ways to watch the rhythms of habit. But it also makes me feel sad watching everyone on auto-pilot… rushing around with lifeless eyes. Making me recall my active participation in the hamster wheel and frankly,  the memory of it is disturbing.

Being here in LA  at this moment, I feel  grateful that I followed the bizarre impulse to uproot and re-evaluate how I want to be here on this planet.  I still don’t have all the answers and I’m fine with that. Fine with allowing things to unfold.

The big awakening is happening.  People waking up from the fog and seeing the cage of bullshit they have been living in.  And of course there is a choice to be made…What are you going to do, and more importantly… how are you going to live?     Sending love and light to all my people.