NOMAD.  The last time I did something like this was when Hagop and I left for our world travels.  It was it some ways a similar experience… packing it up and heading into the unknown.. but  I was such a different person then. I was more confused, although at the time  I thought I was such a badass.   The trip was profound because it revealed how much fear I really lived with. I was literally petrified… and that awareness was my first big shift.  I dedicated the 5 years that followed to a deep self inquiry with the intention of truly awakening. Not talking about it, or wearing the costume of it, but connecting to my true essence.

That search ended a few months ago and I found myself in a place I couldn’t not have predicted or even understood.  I was in chaos: struggling to adjust to this new place I found myself in, and the last thing I imagined was that I would uproot again from my home to experience the world with fresh eyes… open eyes.

This time, the choice to be nomadic is an entirely different experience,  driven by a purpose greater than me with 100% trust in myself.  In these first few days, I feel an incredible sensation of freedom,  there is so much more space for ME.

The decision and the crossing was the most intense period of my life… and being on the other side, I have never felt more support and love.  I know now what it means to have my heart burst open.  Love is a state of wonder.. it is light and it is effervescent.  There are no rules in this space- but it is not aimless…. the external anchor  that I clung to has shape shifted to a trustworthy internal compass.  I have become the molecule.  Floating fee and always at home.