My word for the year 2017 was  L I B E R A T I O N 🦄

It was a year of crossing over… one where the concepts of transition and change were delivered to me in a visceral and profound way, distilling years of theory into a single clear question:

Are you ready for the TRUTH?”

Standing at this long-awaited threshold… I thought I would jump to say yes… instead I was met with a heavy hesitation… AM I ready for this?


My experience of Liberation was like a surgical extraction- it cut deep and in my case there was no anesthesia to soften the process. (I chose to stop drinking this year )

It felt like I was falling through Dante’s Inferno burning layers upon layers of external impressions, stories, ideas and isms.

There were the obvious the freedoms:

Freedom from societies expectations
Freedom from my past
Freedom from the illusion…

But my real opportunity for Liberation was a Freedom from myself.
Freedom from my EGO.

My identity. Man, I cherished it… It had been (44) years in the making… and it was a big blow to see what a prison it had become.

The choice to let that go was a struggle, but the greatest gift I could possibly have given myself.

This liberation- one that my mind could never have conceived when I began my  journey towards it so many years ago… has allowed me to experience real love… the overwhelmingly huge all-encompassing benevolent force that is EVERYTHING.

Sending so much L❤️VE  to all my people for this coming year. Lets Bring It.

My word for 2018: CONVICTION.