E V O L V E or  D I E… is a line from @eckharttolle book The New Earth.  Its hard core, but its true.   It is abundantly clear that the old way of things is dead or dying.  The destruction of it has been devastating to everyone in one way or another as The TRUTH is now being revealed.   This is what we have been asking for, we wanted change… and  CHANGE is not easy- TRUTH is what people say they want, but they want it delivered in a pretty package with rainbows and stars.  Anger, confusion, and chaos is understandable given the overwhelming  amount of loss, tragedy and injustice we are currently being faced with. Getting caught up in the emotions of rage however, does nothing good. I get it- we all have to vent- but staying there swimming in the sea of darkness… dwelling on how “fucked” we are is not the answer. It’s the predictable and easy way out… it’s how they control us- they bet on the fact that we will sink into our own negativity – That attitude  drags us down into the pits of hell right along side those that we name our oppressors.  Courage lies in changing your perception- no matter how tempting and satisfying it is to give into the anger.

Now is the time to step up and BE the fucking change.  Take responsibility for your life, get healthy, get centered in your own power, develop a personal practice to cultivate your energy-  get strong. Its not about “being positive” that is a meaningless statement when it’s not based on a true foundation – right now it’s about acceptance- you don’t have to like it- but accepting circumstance places you in a position of power.  You can move forward with clear intention rather than being led with blind emotion and ego.   Instead of blaming, complaining and pointing the finger- Inquire within…Be honest with yourself, find where the darkness lies in you and remedy that shit. The wounds can be deep, but the only way to heal this planet is for each of us to heal ourselves.  This is what is means to find the LIGHT and the LOVE within. Shine and be the example.  We are the Heroes of the Modern World- we just have to step up and accept the challenge.  Love to all. xxx