RESIST | A Performance…

I’ve been living in Venice Beach for over 20 years and I have seen it go through some changes.  The last several years have been crazy- watching  the literal life sucked out if it as it made its transition from cool artist community to sterile Silicon Beach.

I decided to do a little social experiment and set up a mini performance art protest in the middle of Abbot Kinney- my intention was to  a) keep the artist torch lit and  b) generate a little connection and community spirit

I set up my molecule mural and sat in front of it with my guitar and a sign that read #resist

I thought I had a pretty cool little scenario going and was excited to start playing.

I was in a very interesting state of mind- it wasn’t a “please hear me and see me,” it was more of a = “yo, here I sit and sing.” My ego was absent and I was 100% vulnerable.

NOBODY would engage. People were almost afraid to look at me, and if they did- they rolled their eyes in disgust or felt sorry for me.  I think some kids started to howl at me, which was actually funny and at least some kind of connection.

It was almost a mystical experience for me because I could literally see through everyone and their masks:  people going through the motions like robots…so fucking busy fulfilling their roles of being the coolest person on the planet. there was no heart, no humanity.

The only person who showed me some love was a female Postal Officer who gave me the biggest golden smile- that made my day.

Maybe I’m naive, but I was so shocked and sad-

Sad for my town- which is no longer.

Sad for humanity: playing the game so hard that all connection has is lost.

Me: I will keep spreading the love… the most powerful form of resistance there is.