My name is Natalie A. Avakian.

I am a vocalist, electronic composer and multi-media artist based in Los Angeles, California. My artistic path and spiritual path have always walked hand in hand, one serving the other- and these explorations have been my life’s purpose and passion for the past 20 years.  The intention for the work lies at the intersection of spirit and science with the guiding principal that “We all talk to God in our own way.”

My main focus of expression is music and is based on the Pythagoras concept of “The Music of the Spheres:” that each planet in the Universe is vibrating at a particular frequency, thereby creating its own unique sound.  Based on this theory, it is also true that every living organism emanates its own sound- and when in alignment, all of nature actually functions in a harmonious unity that is not only a scientific phenomena, but a spiritual one.  

A true path of healing at a cellular level is a restoration of harmony within one’s body allowing the organism optimal function within its own environment as well as the Global Environment. Often times we think of sound healing as something to experience, something that is performed for us.  In my work, I regard healing with sound as an exploration of one’s own frequency- specifically through the voice. 

My creations and expressions are transmissions…. translations… illuminations… 

My ultimate aim is to Master the Magick of Alchemy and to achieve and express the harmonic frequency of Truth. ∆❤️